Monday, September 22, 2008


In case I had f_rg_tten h_w much I hated the Eagles, they were kind en_ugh t_ sh_w up yesterday and remind me (if _nly the Steelers _ffensive line had sh_wn up as well). Let's face it: it was ugly… like meth addict ugly. It was a sick d_g _f a game mercifully put d_wn by the final gun. Thank g_d f_r the Ir_n City bucket specials at Texas-Ariz_na.

If y_u assumed that str_ng games against the Texans and Br_wns were an indicati_n that all was well in Steeler Nati_n, think again. Might be time t_ re-evaluate that line… _r at the very least, surr_und Ben with barbed wire f_r his _wn safety. The _ffensive perf_rmance was s_ weak _n every level, that the highest grade any unit g_t fr_m the P_st-Gazette was a D f_r the receivers. The defense sc_red Bs acr_ss the b_ard and managed t_ keep it cl_ser than it had a right t_ be. But that anemic _ffense perf_rmance c_upled with a gameplan that had many a Steeler fan scratching under their hard hats (where's Mendenhall? where are the quick slant r_utes? why was there n_ answer t_ the Eagles blitz?), and we're lucky we g_t every_ne _ut alive.

Next up, the Ravens. Much is being made _f the fact that the Ravens are "at_p the AFC N_rth." As a reminder, they've played all _f tw_ games, s_ keep y_ur purple helmets in check, bird watchers.

And yes, there's no "O" in the above post… just like the Steelers attack yesterday.

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Great...I L_ve it. Quite clever.